While it might be hard to beat Apple at their own game with tablets, Microsoft has since expanded their Surface lineup to cover a variety of products which includes a device called the Surface Hub, which we suppose is like a giant tablet, but aimed at enterprise users who need the larger screen for collaboration.


Now for those who see the potential in having such a big display, you might be pleased to learn that Microsoft has since officially taken the wraps off the Surface Hub 2S. For those unfamiliar, last year Microsoft announced that its Surface Hub 2 series would be launched in 2019, and that it would kick off with the Surface Hub 2S.

The device sports a massive 50-inch display with a 3840 x 2560 resolution and a built-in 4K webcam, and one of the unique features of the device is that it can be attached to a stand on wheels and pushed around from room to room. Even better, it can also run on battery where it is estimated that it should last around 100 minutes, meaning that you can bring it with you to various locations that might not necessarily have a power outlet.

The device will also feature support for Windows Ink and there will also be an included stylus. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, know that the device will not come cheap with a starting price of $9,000.

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