Earlier this year, Netflix announced that they would be hiking the prices of its subscription service. The company announced that these changes will be coming into effect in May, and now according to reports, it seems that the company has started to notify users of the upcoming changes.

For those who are unfamiliar with the price changes, the basic plan of Netflix will be rising from $8 to $9. The HD package which offers HD streaming on two devices simultaneously will also be increasing its price from $11 to $13, and last but not least, the UHD package which lets you stream on up to four devices at once will be going up from $14 to $16.

Netflix has been steadily increasing its price over the years, although the company has tried to justify the price increase by saying that they are using it to help pay for their original TV shows and movies, along with the licensing rights for popular series. The good news is that according to T-Mobile, they will be covering the price increase for customers under its T-Mobile One family plans.

That being said, it does feel a bit “dangerous” for Netflix to be increasing its prices in 2019. This is because the company has quite a few competitors, such as Disney who will be launching its Disney+ streaming service this year.

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