Recently Netflix announced that the price of its subscription has increased, which means that customers will need to pay more money than before to keep using its services. However the good news is that if you’re part of T-Mobile’s “Netflix on Us” program, the carrier will be covering the costs on your behalf.

This was tweeted by the carrier’s CEO John Legere who stated that those who are part of this program can continue using the service and paying what they usually will and not worry about the price hike. For those unfamiliar, Netflix on Us is a program launched by T-Mobile back in 2017 that included a free Netflix subscription for customers subscribed under the T-Mobile One family plans.

This came with a free subscription to the standard plan, but for an extra $3 a month, users can access the premium Netflix plan. Legere’s announcement actually marks the second time that the carrier has covered the costs of Netflix’s price hike, where back in 2017 the company raised its prices, which was followed by T-Mobile reassuring customers that they would not be affected.

According to Netflix’s CEO, he had stated back then that the company would be raising pricing to help cover the cost of investments that they are putting into original programming. So far it is still relatively affordable, but we imagine that a few more price hikes and customers will start looking elsewhere for their shows.

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