At the moment, Tesla is pretty much the only car company that has cars that you can buy that kind of have self-driving capabilities, thanks to the Autopilot feature found in the company’s cars. It seems that Tesla is really pushing the tech because more recently, the company’s CEO Elon Musk has revealed their plans to launch cars without a steering wheel within the next 2 years.


The company also showed off a concept which was a car that had no steering wheel. All it had were seats and a huge display that users could use to access certain features of the car. According to Musk, “I think there will be a transition period where people are able to take over from the robotaxi but once regulators are comfortable with us not having a steering wheel, we will just delete that.”

As Electrek points out, it seems that some believe that the Model 3 was actually designed to be a transition vehicle of sorts, where its interior design was built around the possibility that it could one day launch without a steering wheel. It is a jarring design since the steering wheel has been around for decades, but according to Musk, “The probability of the steering wheel being taken away is 100%. Consumers will demand it.”

Tesla is really pushing its self-driving agenda as earlier, Musk had stated that they envision a future where there will be Tesla robotaxis on the roads.

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