Tesla rolled out the Sentry Mode for its vehicles a few weeks ago. This feature enables the car to utilize the car’s cameras to record its surroundings if it detects a threat. The feature has proven to be useful in many situations already. It helped in the arrest of a car thief and someone who keyed a Model 3 that was parked in a lot. Sentry Mode has also caught a politician’s hit and run accident on camera.

It allegedly captured a Philadelphia politician leaving the scene of a hit-and-run accident. He did that without reporting the accident to the police or even leaving a note behind as common courtesy. The Model 3’s Sentry Mode was activated when former traffic court Judge Willie Singletary backed his Cadillac Escalade into the Tesla accidentally.

The hit triggered Sentry Mode which started recording and captured him coming out of his car and trying to buff away the damage before leaving the scene. Singletary has been running for the Philadelphia City Council and this video isn’t going to help his chances, one would think.

According to reports, Singletary was tracked down through the video and he did provide insurance information later on after he had discovered that the accident had been captured on video.

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