Toyota has confirmed this week that it’s halting plans to deploy the Dedicated Short-Range Communications technology on its vehicles in the United States. It was previously planned to go ahead with this deployment by 2021. This technology would enable cars and trucks to communicate with each other in order to avoid accidents.


There have been divisions among auto manufacturers over whether the DSRC system is to be used or a 4G/5G-based system in the United States. Toyota’s decision to halt the deployment of DSRC on its vehicles may deal a blow to those who advocate for this system. Toyota had first announced plans in April last year to start installing DSRC technology in its vehicles by 2021.

It set a goal of adoption across most of its lineup by the “mid-2020s.” However, it has now sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission saying that it has “not seen significant production commitments from other automakers.” Auto manufacturers were provided spectrum for DSRC in the 5.9 GHz band back in 1999 but it has largely been unused.

The U.S. Transportation Department has invested more than $700 million in the development of this system. Toyota has said that it will “continue to re-evaluate the deployment environment” and remains a backer of DSRC as it feels that this the “only proven and available technology for collision avoidance communications.”

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