Last year, Toyota announced the recall of over a million of their hybrid vehicles which included the Prius. This was due to a potential fire hazard due to its electrical system. Unfortunately, it seems that despite it being more than half a year later, Toyota is still struggling to get the issue under control.


This is according to reports in which some Toyota Prius owners are still claiming that their electrical systems are overheating. Speaking to the LA Times, a customer by the name of Jordan Felo experienced this problem when his inverter overheated and fried itself when he pressed on the car’s accelerator pedal.

This was despite the fact that Felo had previously taken his car to a Toyota dealer several weeks ago in which an updated piece of software was installed that was meant to fix the overheating problem. Unfortunately, it appears that it did not and now it would cost Felo $3,000 to replace the unit.

The recall from 2018 was not the first recall as there have been issues reported in the past dating back to 2014. In fact, a lawsuit has since been filed against Toyota by one of the company’s largest dealers in Southern California, alleging that the recall was a sham. A trial is expected to take place next month.

Toyota had previously responded to the lawsuit with a statement saying, “We monitor the available information on this issue and would continue to investigate any new information that emerges and take any appropriate action.”

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