T-Mobile has finally relaunched its TV service and it’s now called TVision Home. It’s essentially a changed version of Layer3’s broadband-based IPTV service. It doesn’t quite offer fully independent streaming just yet but that’s going to be possible later this year. The service does come at a price, though.

Customers will pay $90 per month for the service if they’re a phone customer with T-Mobile, they get a $10 phone service discount. This will provide them with over 150 channels with a $10 cost per connected TV. It also promises that there will be no additional costs to drive up the overall price for customers. They will have to pay extra for premium networks like HBO, Showtime, and on-demand movies. Customers do get 4K channels as part of the base package.

The company also points out that this TV service will provide artificial intelligence-based recommendations which will offer tailored suggestions for content. The 1TB DVR also provides support for voice control through Alexa and Google Assistant. It will arrive with apps for services like iHeartRadio and Pandora. An Amazon Prime Video app will be released later this year. The Netflix app will eventually be available on the platform as well.

TVision Home will be available starting April 14th in Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Longmont (Colorado), New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and the Washington DC metro area. All customers will receive the $10 discount for TVision Home for a limited time, even if they’re not existing T-Mobile customers.

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