The bulk of smartwatches out there typically rely on digital watch faces. This means that in terms of customization, in theory there would be endless combinations to choose form. However, devices like Withings are less customizable due to the use of a analog watch face, but the company wants to change that.

Earlier this year, Withings announced its new Move smartwatch, and now they have also announced that they will be launching a new customization tool for the device. If you were to head on over to its website, users will be able to choose a variety of customization options, such as changing the strap, the color of the case, and even the activity tracking dial.

According to Withings, they are boasting that this would offer up over 5,800 customization combinations. Granted that these customization options are fixed and once you’ve locked in your choice, you can’t really change it afterwards, but it’s still better than nothing. These customization options are only available on the Withings Move smartwatch, and that the Move ECG model will not be customizable (yet).

Also we should point out that only customers in Europe will be able to customize the smartwatch, so if you’re living in the US or in another part of the world, you won’t have access to these options for now. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, head on over to the company’s website and start customizing your device.

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