It has been rumored for a couple of years now that Google has been experimenting with Windows dual book on its Chromebooks. The functionality would have enabled Chromebook owners to basically run Chrome OS and Windows on the same device. New findings show that Google has likely given up on the project which would mean that Chromebooks with Windows dual boot may never arrive.


A Reddit user has spotted that all of Google’s “Alt OS” code for dual booting Windows on a Chromebook has been deprecated by the company. Believed to be called Project Campfire, earlier reports had suggested that the dual boot feature was actually quite far along and that a public release was possible in the not too distant future.

The latest findings show that this is no longer the case. Google hasn’t said anything about this so it’s unclear why the company has decided to cancel Project Campfire. If one were to guess, storage space constraints could have been the culprit here. A Windows installation would have taken at least 40GB of space on a Chromebook which is much more than the maximum storage that most Chromebooks offer. You’ll be surprised to hear just how many Chromebooks have only 32GB of storage.

There also appears to have been no development on Project Campfire since December last year which would suggest that Google gave up on the idea long ago. The deprecation of the code can thus be taken as a confirmation that this is never going to happen.

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