There are clear advantages to running Chrome OS compared to other platforms like Windows or macOS, such as Chrome OS being a more lightweight operating system which means that you should be able to squeeze out more battery life from a Chromebook versus a laptop running on Windows.

However there might be times when you need Windows, but the good news is that in the future, it seems that Chrome OS could allow users to dual boot Windows 10. This is according to a report from XDA who discovered evidence that Google would be working on a tool called “Campfire” that would be the Chromebook’s equivalent of Boot Camp on macOS devices.

What’s interesting is that this isn’t the first time we’re hearing about Chromebooks dual booting Windows. Earlier this year there was a rumor suggesting that dual booting could be a feature coming to the Pixelbook, but now this new discovery is suggesting that the feature could also find its way onto non-Pixel Chrome OS devices.

In terms of a release date that is anyone’s guess, but the folks at XDA believe that its release could be closer than we think. It is possible that Google could announce something at its Pixel event where they are expected to announce the new Pixel 3 smartphones, and potentially other Pixel devices like the rumored Pixel Watch and maybe the Pixelbook 2.

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