After what felt like years of waiting, Square Enix finally released new footage of their upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, showing off some of the gameplay even if it was early development footage. Unfortunately, we still don’t have any clue as to when the game will be released, but we now have more information about the game.

In a press release on its Japanese website, Square Enix wrote, “Final Fantasy VII Remake is a full remake heading to PS4. Most of the original’s content is being reworked, and as such the game will be in multiple parts. More information will be published this June, so stay tuned.” It was previously reported that the game could be released in multiple parts, and now it seems that it has been confirmed.

We should point out that this is not Square Enix’s first time releasing a game in multiple parts. Previously, when the company published the HItman franchise, the 2016 reboot of the game was also released in multiple parts. It is unclear why Square Enix has decided to go the same route with the Final Fantasy  VII Remake, but perhaps they are anticipating that the game could be big enough to warrant a release in multiple stages.

That being said, the company does state that more information will be shared this coming June which is also when E3 2019 is taking place, so do check back with us then if you’d like the details.

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