Jose Simms, a man considered a fugitive in Connecticut, has negotiated the rather interesting terms of his surrender with the Torrington Police Department. He promised to turn himself in if the wanted poster put up by the department on its official Facebook page got 15,000 likes.

Lt. Brett Johnson had posted the wanter poster for Jose Simms on Facebook with what he described as an “interesting” message. Simms had contacted the lieutenant through Facebook Messenger with his terms of surrender. He offered to turn himself in if the picture of his wanted poster got 20,000 likes on Facebook. Johnson made a counter offer of 10,000 likes and they both settled on 15,000 likes.

Business Insider reports that Simms had got this idea after he saw activity on the Torrington Police Department’s Facebook page. Johnson received his message through the department’s page when he was working the night shift. “Why don’t you post my picture? I’m wanted,” Simms said in his message. They two later negotiated on the terms of surrender.

The community was then encouraged to “like” the post in the hope that Simms would make good on his promise. The Facebook post now has more than 20,000 likes but the latest update from the department is that he still hasn’t surrendered. He’s probably going to get a good laugh out of this until the moment the police do catch up to him.

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