Last year, Google announced Duplex, an AI-powered service that would allow a computer to call a business and make a booking for you. It sounded freakishly real and now Google is back with another similar service called CallJoy. However, unlike Duplex which seems aimed towards consumers, CallJoy is more for business owners, or to be more specific, small business owners.


The idea is that by using AI to handle calls from customers, it will allow smaller businesses to better field these kinds of inquiries, inquiries that larger businesses might be able to better handle due to their resources that could include a dedicated customer service hotline. To top it off, CallJoy will also have the ability to filter out spam calls which means that the calls you receive will be only from your customers.

When a customer makes a call to a business with CallJoy setup, they will be greeted with a custom message and will provide some basic business information, such as the business’s operating hours. Unfortunately, CallJoy will not be as smart as Duplex and if customers need additional information, they will be either referred to the company’s website or the call will be put through to the business.

This means that if you have a specific query that CallJoy cannot answer, it will ultimately be referred to the business owners. However, the idea is that if CallJoy can provide basic information to customers, it could help reduce call waiting times. For example, if you called just to find out the opening hours, CallJoy will be able to provide you with that information and you won’t need to actually speak to the business owners.

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