Google has confirmed that its Jump VR platform will be shut down by the end of next month. It has now started informing users that they have until then to download their data before the service shuts down for good. Google launched the Jump VR platform back in 2015.


The Jump VR platform was launched in order to make it simpler to capture 3D 360-degree videos with footage captured using special camera rigs which basically had more than a dozen action cameras joined together. Once the footage from these cameras was uploaded, the power of Google’s cloud was used to stitch it together into immersive, 360-degree video.

The company has now started sending emails to users, informing users that it has seen the usage of Jump decline over the past three years. It’s because of this reason that it’s shutting down the platform altogether. No new uploads will be accepted for processing after 11:59 Pacific on June 26th. Users who want to download a copy of the data that they have previously uploaded to the cloud can download it before June 27th after which Google will start deactivating accounts and deleting all of the data.

Even though the platform is shutting down, those who have the complicated camera rigs will still be able to use them with third-party video editing software to stitch their footage together.

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