Usually, we hear reports about smartphones exploding, and less with laptops. Unfortunately, there is a first time for everything because according to the reports, it seems that at least one of Apple’s MacBook Pros has caught on fire and exploded. This is according to a DJ calling himself White Panda who recounted the details on a post on Reddit.

According to White Panda, “Yesterday afternoon my MacBook Pro exploded during normal use. It was on my lap, plugged in, and suddenly started to spew smoke out both sides. I quickly placed it on the floor where it popped, the smoke increased, and it caught fire. Toxic smelling smoke filled my house triggering smoke and CO alarms.”

It is unclear as to what might have caused the problem, but White Panda has since reached out to Apple who has yet to do anything about it. The service rep first told him that they would need to wait at least 24 hours while the laptop is kept inside of a fire-proof safe. Later when he called for a follow-up, he was told that the issue had been “escalated” and that he would hear from Apple in the next five days.

This is a pretty rare occurrence and that there could have been a number of issues that could have caused it, ranging from improper use, third-party chargers, or simply a faulty battery. As White Panda notes, it could have been worse, like what would have happened had this taken place on a plane? In any case, we’ll keep a lookout for more updates to this situation, but hopefully, Apple is taking steps to rectify this ASAP.

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