Spotify had said during its recent earnings call with investors that the company was increasing its investment in voice technology. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone now that it has launched voice-enabled advertisements. It’s testing them out on mobile devices on a limited state in the United States.


The voice-enabled ads will encourage the user to provide a verbal command in order to perform an action on the ad’s content. These audio ads will initially usher visitors to a branded Spotify podcast or playlist.

The first few voice ads that are being tested currently include ads from Spotify Studios and Unilever’s Axe. For example, the ad for the latter provides a branded playlist on Spotify that’s related to the Axe brand.

Spotify will serve these voice ads to a limited number of its free mobile listeners in the United States during the test period. The ads will also only be served to those that have enabled voice controls in Spotify. Users that rely on the app’s in-app voice assistant to discover music, for example, already have this feature enabled.

It will allow users to opt-out of these ads, this can be configured from the “Voice-Enabled Ads” section of the Settings menu. That’s also where they can revoke the microphone access for the app.

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