For some, fashion has remained quite an enigma where there are certain trends and designs that can be questionable. If you don’t really get fashion, then prepare to be even more confused because it seems that the world’s first digital-only clothing has been sold for a whopping $9,500, and no, this is not an in-game item or a cosmetic used in games, but actual fashion.

Created by digital fashion startup The Fabricant with with artist Johanna Jaskowska and Dapper Labs, this piece of “clothing” is dubbed “Iridescence” and is only available in digital form. This means that you can’t touch it, you can’t wear it, and you can’t even see it in real life. To top it off, it exists in blockchain format as well, making it a strange hybrid of fashion and cryptocurrency.

As to why anyone would pay that much for a digital design? This was because the topic of conscious consumption was brought up with regards to  fashion, where digital fashion would help promote sustainability. The dress is designed using 2D garment cutting pattern software and 3D design software to help create a realistic look.

It is also “tailored” for the wearer, where a supplied photograph will help the creators model the dress based on the wearer’s looks and dimensions. This is no doubt an intriguing idea and for some wondering who would pay this much for something that only exists in digital form, you only need to take a look at some of the more popular video games today where skins and costumes are being sold for real-life money, some at pretty ridiculous prices themselves.

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