Apple will be launching new iPhones later this year and so far based on what we know, the main change that the company will be making will be to the cameras, where it is expected that the new iPhones will pack a triple camera design. However, it seems that is pretty much all we might be able to expect.

So much so that according to analysts at Mizuho Securities, this year’s iPhones could be somewhat “boring” as it will have a lack of novelty. Granted, the iPhones will be more powerful than its predecessors thanks to the rumored A13 chipset. It will probably be better at taking photos, but apart from that, we haven’t really heard much else in terms of new features that have gotten us truly excited.

Apple is also expected to stick to the current configurations where two models will continue to feature OLED screens while one will sport an LCD. In fact, if anything, Apple is actually taking away features from this year’s iPhones where we have heard rumors and also seen some evidence that 3D Touch will be gone from this year’s lineup.

According to the analysts, “As we mentioned above, we expect the 2019 models to lack novelty. We think the iPhone will struggle for two straight years, which would be a rare occurrence for the company.” Whether or not customers will still bite despite the seemingly lack of exciting features remains to be seen, but at the current prices, it does feel like a bit of a hard sell.

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