As some of you might have heard Boeing’s 737 Max airplanes have encountered some issues which has forced the company to ground them while they work on a fix. However, it seems that it might be taking Boeing longer than expected to roll out a fix for their planes, so much so that the company appears to have run out of space to park them that they are forced to park some of them in car parking lots.


This is according to a photo taken by Aviation Photo on Twitter in which the account shared a photo of a Boeing 737 Max being parked in the car parking lots. Note that the area that the plane is parked in belongs to Boeing as it is the Boeing Renton Center in Washington DC, so it’s not as if they’re taking up parking spots on a public property, although we imagine that this will probably inconvenience several Boeing employees who work there.

At the moment, there are about 500 Boeing 737 Max planes that have been grounded. It is not a particularly cheap exercise because Boeing will need to fork out about $2,000 in maintenance a month per plane that has been grounded. On top of that, it has been estimated that the grounded planes could cost Boeing $1.4 billion for the cancelled flights incurred by the airline companies who use the company’s planes.

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