Boeing’s 737 Max jets remain grounded across the globe following the two fatal crashes merely a few months apart. The cause was attributed to the MCAS system on the plane which would pitch the nose down automatically if it felt that the plane was approaching a stall. Boeing has made software fixes to tone down the system’s aggressive behavior but the crashes remain a blemish on the 737 Max’s name. To that end, Boeing hasn’t ruled out renaming the plane.


Speaking to Bloomberg at the Paris Air Show, Boeing Chief Financial Officer Greg Smith revealed that the company is open to the possibility of renaming the 737 Max. “We’re committed to doing what we need to do to restore it. If that means changing the brand to restore it, then we’ll address that. If it doesn’t, we’ll address whatever is a high priority,” he said.

However, the company did say that it doesn’t any plans right now to change the name. It’s currently focused on the safe return of the aircraft to service. It’s still not sure when airline regulators across the globe will allow the jet to take to the skies once again.

That being said, the 737 Max remains Boeing’s bestselling aircraft with a backlog of almost 5,000 jets. However, it hasn’t received new orders since the plane was grounded. Whether or not a rebranding would service the purpose remains to be seen.

Airlines aren’t going to forget about the crashes just because the company decides to call the plane something else. Furthermore, most passengers aren’t aware of what type of plane they’re flying and from what manufacturer. The biggest deciding factor for airplane passengers is the price. Boeing is hopeful, though, that it will be able to regain passengers’ confidence in its plane.

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