Google unveiled Stadia earlier this year in March. It’s the consumer-ready iteration of Project Stream that was demoed last year. Google’s cloud game streaming service appears very promising and many have been looking forward to finding out how much it’s going to cost and what games will be available initially. Google has confirmed that it will announce Stadia pricing and game details on June 6th.


Google Stadia does all of the heavy lifting on Google’s powerful cloud network. The gameplay video is then streamed to devices much like an online video. This is what enables console-quality games to run on devices like smartphones and even Chromebooks. You’ll require a good internet connection for this, obviously, but the device doesn’t need to be high-end.

Some might have expected that Google would unveil the details at E3 2019, the biggest gaming convention of the year, but apparently, the company doesn’t want to share the spotlight with the plethora of other gaming announcements that will be made at E3 2019.

Google has confirmed that it will host the first “Stadia Connect” on June 6th. It will be streamed on YouTube, no surprises there, and we’ll finally be able to find out what the pricing structure will be for this service and what games will be available.

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