If you enjoy streaming games on your phone, tablet, or PC, then you might be happy to hear that for Samsung’s 2022 TV lineup, the company will be introducing new software to its TVs and one of it will come in the form of the Gaming Hub.

Through this hub, gamers will be able to download game streaming services such as NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and Utomik, after which gamers will then be able to stream all their favorite games and play it through their TVs. It should be noted that this isn’t Samsung’s first foray into game streaming.

Dating back as far as 2012, both Samsung and LG had actually competed for the rights to stream games through other services like Gakai and OnLive, and later Samsung even allowed gamers to stream their PlayStation Now games through select TVs. However, to be fair, game streaming was still in its infancy back in those days, and now with more established players in the market, this feature could be a lot more appealing.

As far as quality is concerned, Google told The Verge that gamers who are subscribed to its Stadia Pro tier will be able to stream games in 4K, so you will be able to take advantage of the TV’s display and resolution. As for NVIDIA, the company states that they are still “working with partners” so it is still unclear on that front.

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