Back in the day, our toys were relatively low-tech where they were pretty much what they came out of the box of. These days, toys have become considerably more complex and sophisticated, and Mattel is certainly making us wish that we had some of them back in the day by launching the Hot Wheels Smart Track Kit.

For those unfamiliar, Hot Wheels are a series of diecast toy cars and back in the day, that’s all they were. They had movable wheels but you had to make them move yourself, but that has changed with the Smart Track Kit. With this kit, the Hot Wheels cars can race on it and can also be tracked through an app on your mobile device.

This will provide kids with additional information about their cars, such as its speed, laps, and more, where it will combine physical gameplay with a digital experience. It will also introduce a brand new lineup of cars that come with NFC tags embedded in them, which is what allows the app to keep track of them.

That being said, the entire setup will not come cheap. THe Hot Wheels Race Portal that connects Hot Wheels tracks and used scan Hot Wheels id vehicles will be priced at $40, while the Smart Track will retail for $180. Each of the NFC enabled cars will retail at $7 each. However, it does seem like a lot of fun and if you’re interested you can go ahead and purchase it now.

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