When you think of gaming companies, you might think of the big three – Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. You might also think of EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Blizzard, and so on, but it seems that as far as the world is concerned, Apple might be a name to consider as according to analysts at Newzoo, Apple is said to be the fourth largest gaming company in the world.

This might be a head-scratcher for some because for the most part, Apple does not make any games, nor do they make any consoles. However, it seems that thanks to the proliferation of the iPhone, it has allowed Apple to catapult to fourth place. It also goes to show how big mobile gaming is, especially when you consider the fact that almost everyone has a smartphone these days, versus consoles.

According to the analysts, Apple is estimated to have earned a whopping $2.09 billion from gaming in the first quarter of 2018, with the whole year rounding out at around $9.45 billion. It is unclear if this revenue is based purely on money made by the App Store in general, or if this is the cut Apple received from apps sold on the App Store.

We imagine that Apple’s position could also increase because at WWDC 2019, the company unveiled Apple Arcade, a new subscription service that would give players access to a bunch of exclusive games.

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