It has been a few months since retailer JCPenney pulled support for Apple Pay and other contactless payment services from its stores. It was thus no longer possible to pay for purchases using your iPhone or Apple Watch. The retailer appears to have reversed course as it has started accepting Apple Pay transactions once again this month.

JCPenney had actually stopped accepting Apple Pay and other contactless payment services because of a Visa demand which mandated that retailers switch from magnetic stripe contactless payments to EMV functionality. Since the retailer was unable to meet the requirement satisfactorily at that time, it decided to disable the contactless payment options until further notice.

JCPenney didn’t make a big deal of supporting Apple Pay once again but did confirm through its Ask JCPenney Twitter account recently that it was indeed possible for customers to make purchases with their iPhones and Apple Watches now.

It confirmed that in response to a customer complaint about the retailer taking away the ability to pay using Apple Pay. “JCP is happy to share that we are working to reactivate contactless payment options and therefore mobile wallet transactions will be accepted in all of our stores by June 19th,” came the response.

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