In case you did not know, there are many websites that track you. This is mainly for advertising purposes where these ads can track users across multiple websites to better discern your browsing and shopping habits. Naturally, some people aren’t too comfortable with that which is why some companies have built in anti-tracking features, such as Apple did with Safari.

Now it looks like Microsoft wants to do the same with its Edge browser and have announced that in an upcoming update, they will be introducing tracking prevention tools. According to Microsoft, “When blocking a tracker, we aim to stop it from accessing previously stored tracking information and storing new tracking information. When tracking resources don’t add meaningful functionality to the page, we may even block them entirely.”

For those who are part of the Insider program and have access to the Microsoft Edge Insider preview build, it seems that if you have the latest version, you should be able to check out this new feature. All you need to do is type in “edge://flags#edge-tracking-prevention” into the address bar and enable it in the settings.

While this is a feature that will no doubt benefit end users, advertisers are probably not too thrilled by it where previously we had seen and heard some complaints when Safari’s anti-tracking feature was implemented.

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