If you’re a macOS user, you probably know that Safari is your default browser, but at the same time there are other options out there such as Google Chrome. However if you ever needed a reason to come back to Safari, then perhaps the update to Safari in the upcoming macOS High Sierra release could be tempting.

As expected with the update, Apple will be adding some new features to Safari. One of those features includes Autoplay blocking. If you hate websites that play videos or audio automatically in the background, which can get very annoying if you have multiple tabs open at once and you’re trying to track the source, Autoplay blocking will come in handy.

This will be enabled by default across all websites, but users can later specify which they want to allow/disallow individually. Note that there are already extensions available that do this, but if you wanted a built-in feature, then we guess this is it. Moving on, another feature that will be added to Safari comes in the form of Intelligent Tracking Prevention.

This will use local machine learning to help identify cookie types used by websites and to partition them or purge the cross-site scripting data from them. Basically the idea is to help prevent your computer from being tracked by ad trackers across multiple websites, which is great for privacy and could potentially improve on browsing speed.

macOS High Sierra will be released later this year but the new features in Safari can be found in the upcoming Public Beta of the operating system which should be available later this month.

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