2K’s NBA franchise is much loved by fans but they seem to be angered by its decision to put seemingly unskippable ads in NBA 2K19. Players have been complaining about these ads that have surfaced in the basketball game across different platform. Players are seeing these ads on the loading screen.

2K sports games have had loading screen ads in the past as well. This isn’t something entirely new. It’s actually possible to disable them by simply turning off 2K TV from the game’s settings. However, the recent outrage from players suggests that these ads are now being served to players at an increased rate.

A comparison can hardly be drawn with mobile games that also make players sit through ads. That’s mostly the case for free-to-play titles. NBA 2K19 isn’t such a title. Players have already paid for it and they expect to not be served any unskippable ads.

It’s interesting to note that NBA 2K19 was recently sold on multiple platforms at a promotion price of just $2.99. It became a very enticing purchase given that it was at a 95 percent discount compared to the full price. One criticism is that the company did this just so it could bring a massive influx of new players and then serve these ads. There hasn’t been an official response on this from the company just yet.

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