Last year, Nikon launched their brand new Z-series of digital cameras. These cameras are Nikon’s latest and renewed efforts at tackling mirrorless cameras and so far, initial reviews have been largely positive. However, if you feel that maybe the Z7 might not be “pro” enough for your needs, Nikon has you covered.

We had heard rumors last year that a D5-equivalent for Nikon’s mirrorless cameras could be in the works, and it turns out the rumors were true. According to a report from Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Nikon’s CEO confirmed that the company is working on a new “pro” mirrorless camera that would be the equivalent to the D5 DSLR.

According to the report, “Nikon to introduce a top-end model of the mirror-less camera. Time is a non-published, but Umatate Toshikazu president was revealed in response to the interview of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun. Top-end model of the digital single-lens reflex camera ‘D5.’” By that we don’t think that the company will be copying the specs of the D5, but rather it will be of similar calibre, except in mirrorless form.

There is no mention of a release date, but a previously leaked roadmap suggested that there will be no new Z-series cameras for 2019, which means a 2020 launch. In the meantime, we have also heard that in addition to a high-end “pro” mirrorless camera, there could also be a more budget-friendly $900 model in the works.

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