You just can’t find the same quantity of music videos anywhere else that you do on YouTube. It’s one of the world’s go-to online services for listening to music as it’s free to watch videos on the platform and you could find just about any song there. However, many of the music videos are from the days gone by with visuals meant for old TVs with single speakers.

That ruins the experience on modern devices so those videos could certainly do with an upgrade. YouTube is now doing something about that. It will be remastering almost 1,000 music videos with the Universal Music Group label.

YouTube and the Universal Music Group are working together to remaster some iconic music videos so that they’re in the “highest available video and audio quality.” More than 100 classic music videos have already been remastered and are now available on YouTube exclusively. They include tracks from the likes of Billy Idol, Janet Jackson, Tom Petty, Beastie Boys, Lady Gaga, Lionel Richie, and more.

The two companies are fully committed to remaster almost 1,000 music videos with new titles being added each week over the next year. All 1,000 remastered titles are expected to be available on YouTube before the end of next year.

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