The Nintendo Switch is an incredibly popular console, and as such, there are more developers interested in creating games for it than its predecessor, the Wii U. Blizzard has yet to make any of their games available on the console, although in the past, the company has expressed some interest in it.

They even acknowledged that developing Overwatch for the Switch was feasible, but whether or not they’d do it is a different story. However thanks to the work of some developers, it seems that someone has managed to port Blizzard’s Overwatch onto the Switch by using none other than Google’s Android platform.

In the past, we have seen some modders who have tried to bring Android onto the console, and last we saw, it was a very rudimentary version. Now it seems that they have progressed rather nicely where the console running on Android also ran a copy of NVIDIA’s GameStream game streaming service, allowing gamers to play Overwatch on their Switch consoles.

This is far from an official port and as it has been reported before, Nintendo is going after gamers who mod their consoles where they could be hit with permanent bans if caught doing so. This means that it’s probably not a good idea for you to mod your Switch just to play Overwatch, but hopefully Blizzard is working on something for the console!

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