In the world of mechanical keyboards, the more mainstream brands that come to mind would be Razer. Then there are also lesser-known brands that might not be familiar to the masses, such as Ducky, which are actually a pretty popular choice in the mechanical keyboard community amongst those who are looking to get into the hobby.


The good news is that it looks like both companies have gotten together and collaborated on a new mechanical keyboard, resulting in a device known as the Ducky One 2 Razer Edition. For the most part, the design and manufacturing of the keyboard has been left to Ducky, and as such, it kind of lacks Razer’s trademark design, although we imagine that for some, this might be a good thing.

Razer’s contribution comes in the form of the switches of the keyboard itself, where customers can choose between Razer’s green, yellow, or orange switches. This could possibly be the first time that we’re seeing Razer’s switches find its way into non-Razer keyboards, although the company did state last year that they plan to make their switches available to others.

The keyboard itself is priced at $109 and is currently available for purchase in Taiwan, but there are plans to eventually bring the keyboard to North America.

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