Is cooking an art form or is it science? There are plenty of chefs out there who cook based on feel and look, while there are others who have utilized science to their advantage, resulting in spectacular creations such as molecular gastronomy, but it seems that over at MIT, researchers seem to believe that cooking is largely a science.

So much so that the researchers are looking to create an AI that can make the “perfect” pizza just based on looks alone. Dubbed the PizzaGAN project, this is an experiment that wants to teach a machine how to make a pizza simply by recognizing different aspects of cooking. This is done by feeding the AI various steps involved in making a pizza, such as rolling out the dough, adding the sauce, cheese, and toppings.

As each step is completed, the visuals of the pizza will change, and ultimately it is hoped that the AI will be able to recognize the steps and then replicate it. According to the research paper, “Given only weak image-level supervision, the operators are trained to generate a visual layer that needs to be added to or removed from the existing image. The proposed model is able to decompose an image into an ordered sequence of layers by applying sequentially in the right order the corresponding removing modules.”

This would not be the first time that tech is being applied to pizza. Last month, Domino’s announced that they will be using camera systems in their pizza making process to determine the “quality” of a pizza, such as whether or not there are enough toppings, if the toppings are spread out properly, if there is the right amount of cheese, and so on.

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