How often have we looked at a menu to place our order, only to be disappointed when the order looks nothing like the photos? We’re sure this has happened to many of us over the years, and to be fair, most of the time menu photos are designed to look better, but that’s the kind of discrepancy that Domino’s is hoping to avoid.

The company has turned to technology to improve on the quality and visual appeal of its pizzas. This is done by using a camera system that has the ability to grade individual pizzas based on predetermined qualities. For example, it will be able to tell if a pizza’s toppings are sufficient and if they’re spread out properly, and if the amount of cheese is enough as well.

This tech has been employed by Domino’s over in Australia and New Zealand, where according to Nick Knight, the company’s CEO for that region, it has shown very positive results. “So far, it’s analysed more than one million pizzas, and there is a lot of learning that we’ve captured. It’s early days, but I’m really pleased with what we’re seeing. Team members are using this technology to put a much needed extra focus on product quality.”

It is unclear if Domino’s has plans to roll out the tech across other countries that it operates in, but it does sound like a useful tool to help eliminate the problem of inconsistent pizza.

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