If you happen to share music tastes similar to your friends, you may have felt the desire to create podcasts together that everyone keeps updating whenever they come across a new track they like. It looks like Spotify may soon allow you to do that. A new “Social Listening” feature has been discovered which will allow Spotify users to build and listen to playlists with other people.

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong has discovered this new unannounced Spotify feature and share shared screenshots of its online. The feature lets users control a playlist from multiple devices and even listen to the same songs in real-time.

Spotify hasn’t really broken new ground here since similar features have been offered by other services in the past. For example, the DJ feature could be similar to what Turntable.fm allowed its users to do. Spotify itself teamed up with Discord to allow entire channels to listen to the same music while they were playing games.

“We’re always testing new products and experiences, but have no further news to share at this time,” was a Spotify spokesperson’s response when asked about this feature. It appears that the company isn’t quite ready yet to officially announce this feature but it could arrive over the summer.

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