If you’re the type that loves to scare yourself silly with horror movies, then you know that the best time to watch a horror movie would be late at night when everything is dark. There’s something about the environment that adds to the overall experience, and that’s what director Steven Spielberg is going for.


The director has announced his plans to write a series of horror shorts known as Spielberg’s After Dark. It will run for about 10-12 episodes and will be exclusively available on Quibi, a platform designed specifically for short-form videos. However, one of the advantages of using this platform is that it allowed the director to come up with an interesting way of delivering its content, in which it can only be watched in the dark, or rather, at night.

This is thanks to the use of your smartphone where using an internal clock on the device, it will be able to tell the platform when the sun is about to set. It will then display a clock that will countdown until the sun disappears, after which you will only then be able to watch the show. It will also disappear once the sun has come back up, so if you missed your window, you’ll have to watch it the next night.

It is an interesting experiment and as we have seen with the likes of Netflix, companies are starting to experiment with new ways of delivering content to their customers.

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