If there is a reason why Netflix is investing so heavily into its own content, it is because we imagine that they’d rather not be at the mercy of other studios who may or may not decide to renew their licensing deals with the company. A good example of that happening would be with “The Office” TV series.


In a tweet by Netflix, the company has announced that the series will be officially leaving their platform in 2021. According to Netflix, it sounds like NBC has decided that they won’t be renewing their licensing deal with Netflix and will be taking back the show where it will be available to stream on its own streaming platform. The show will be leaving in January, 2021 so that means that Netflix users will still have plenty of time to enjoy the show before it is gone for good.

That being said, there are plenty of shows that have since left Netflix’s platform, although admittedly The Office is one of the bigger series around. It was also previously reported that “Friends” could also be leaving the platform in the future, so that’s something to take not off as well.

Disney has also since ended its licensing deal with Netflix where we will no longer see newer Disney content for the platform. This is because the company has announced its own Disney+ streaming service that will be debuting later this year.

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