Back in the day with the Nintendo Wii U, it felt that Nintendo was the only ones trying to keep the console alive. For the most part, a lot of developers avoided the console like the plague, resulting in its early “death”. The Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, seems to have drawn a lot of developers to it.

This has resulted in games we would not have necessarily expected for the console, such as Skyrim and Diablo 3, for example. For those who love RPGs, you might be interested to learn that The Witcher 3 could potentially be coming to the Switch. This is according to a tweet by Doug Cockle, who for those unfamiliar is the voice actor for the game’s primary protagonist, Geralt.

According to Cockle’s tweet, he retweeted a mockup of The Witcher 3 being played on the Switch console and also the box art for the game. His tweet was accompanied by a caption that reads, “Who else wants to see this” followed by a wink. It could mean absolutely nothing, but we imagine that if anyone could potentially be in the know about the game’s release on new platforms, its voice actor could be one of them.

In any case, maybe don’t get your hopes up about The Witcher 3 coming to the Switch just yet, but with E3 coming up soon, hopefully we’ll have more details then.

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