Online shopping has become the norm, but the downside to buying things online and not in person is that you can’t try them on, which means that you’ll have to take a gamble and hope that that dress you bought fits you perfectly, or that makeup you bought is the shade that is advertised and suits you.


However, thanks to the use of augmented reality (AR), YouTube is hoping to take some of the guesswork out of buying makeup online. According to YouTube, “Today, we’re introducing AR Beauty Try-On, which lets viewers virtually try on makeup while following along with YouTube creators to get tips, product reviews, and more. Thanks to machine learning and AR technology, it offers realistic, virtual product samples that work on a full range of skin tones.”

M·A·C Cosmetics will be one of the companies that will be offering some of their products for trying in AR, and assuming it is successful, we expect that more companies will hop on board with similar offerings as well. However, it should be noted that this feature is currently only in alpha, meaning that it is still very much early in its development.

This means that the final version could be very different from what you see now, but it should still give you an idea of what to expect. YouTube will not be the first to leverage AR for shopping, but given how many people use YouTube and how there are so many beauty vloggers on its platform, it does seem like the perfect combination.

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