Thanks to technology, making money no longer needs to be confined to more “traditional” jobs where one goes to an office from 9-5. Tech has paved the way for all kinds of new career opportunities, such as being a YouTuber in which there are more than a handful who are finding financial success with it.

Take the case of a 6-year old Korean YouTuber by the name of Boram who has reportedly earned enough money to purchase a home worth a whopping $8 million, a figure that most of us might never see in our entire lives. The home she bought is also said to be in the Gangnam suburb in Seoul which is known to be one of the country’s richest neighborhoods and also its most happening.

However, despite her financial success, the YouTuber has come under some controversy, or rather, her parents have. There have been some complaints filed with the NGO Save the Children in which some have expressed their concern that Boram’s parents are profiting from their child, while also complaining about some of the content on her channel in which they feel could be a bad influence on other kids as well.

That being said, the idea of child YouTube star isn’t exactly news these days. Back in 2018, a 7-year old YouTuber by the name of Ryan managed to top Forbes’ list of the highest-paid YouTubers, where it is said that his channel has allowed him to earn as much as $11 million.

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