As some of you might have heard, a recent flaw was discovered in the video conferencing software Zoom for Mac computers, in which if exploited, would have forced users into video conferences and enable their webcams. This was due to a method employed by Zoom in which a local server was installed on the host’s computer.


The company had claimed that this was a workaround to some Safari compatibility issues. A patch has since been released by the company to address the problem, but it seems that Apple isn’t counting on users updating to it, so much so that they themselves have quietly released an update for Mac computers that will remove the web server that was installed on your computer.

The problem with updates is that it usually requires some kind of action on the user’s end, but what Apple has done is that there is no interaction required from the user. Once the update has been installed, it will remove the offending software, all without your knowledge. This is great for users who might not have been aware about this issue or who have yet to get the patch from Zoom.

In a statement made to TechCrunch, Zoom spokesperson Priscilla McCarthy said, “We’re happy to have worked with Apple on testing this update. We expect the web server issue to be resolved today. We appreciate our users’ patience as we continue to work through addressing their concerns.”

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