Image credit – MacRumors

Back in the early days of Apple, the company employed the use of a rainbow Apple logo which quickly became iconic in its design. These days, the company has opted for a more simple and somewhat plain logo, but it seems that the rainbow Apple logo could soon be making a comeback.

This is according to a report from MacRumors who have heard from a source that Apple could be returning the rainbow logo to some of its products as early as this year. While it does sport a very iconic design, it is unclear how this will fit in with Apple’s existing products, all of which sport very clean and minimalistic looks.

Perhaps it could be used for a special edition of a product, like a (PRODUCT)RED iPhone. Or maybe it could be making a return in a Mac computer. After all, the logo did make its debut with Apple’s computers back in the day, so it does seem somewhat fitting that it could return to their Mac computers as well.

AppleWeb had also published an interview with the company’s former designer in chief, Jony Ive, who had expressed his interest in seeing the return of the logo. “There is the resonance with the rainbow logo that’s been part of our identity for many years. The rainbow is also a positive and joyful expression of some of our inclusion values and I think that one of the primary reasons the idea resonated so immediately and so profoundly with us was the form — the connection from an aesthetic design point of view. A semi-circle relates so beautifully and naturally to the form of the ring.”

In any case, take it with a grain of salt for now, but we’ll just have to wait and see if the report is true and if the rainbow logo could be making its long-awaited comeback.

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