If there is one thing our eyes cannot do, it would be to zoom in. This means that when trying to view things at a distance, we will need to rely on devices like cameras with a zoom lens or a set of binoculars. However, thanks to scientists at the University of California San Diego, they have created a set of contact lenses that allows the wearer to zoom in just by blinking their eyes.

This was accomplished by creating a lens made out of stretchy polymer films that can respond to electric signals generated by our eyes whenever it moves, like when we blink. This means that all it would take to operate these contact lenses is just by blinking, where we would be able to zoom in to objects at a distance without having to rely on external accessories or gadgets.

However, before you get too excited at the prospect of being able to zoom using a pair of contact lenses, think again. This is because development on these contact lenses are still in its early stages, where during the testing, the prototype had to be rigged up using a series of electrodes placed around the eye, meaning that it is hardly ready to be used in real life.

According to the researchers, they are hoping that eventually these lenses could potentially be used for things like adjustable glasses, prostheses, or maybe even remotely operated robotics in the future.

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