The classic iPod is one of the most iconic products that Apple has ever made. The design will forever hold a place in history to signify just how well the entire product was executed by the company. If you ever feel nostalgic about it, perhaps you may want to purchase a cool little stand which makes your Apple Watch look like a classic iPod.

That’s what the W6 stand from Elago does It’s a freestanding silicone molding that has a cutout for an Apple Watch charging puck. There’s a slot at the top where the Apple Watch is placed. The front cutout mimics the display of the classic iPod and users are able to see the time and date on the wearable device in nightstand mode.

Since the stand is made out of silicone, you don’t need to worry about scratching your precious Apple Watch when inserting or taking it out of the W6. Since the material is very bendable, it’s quite easy to insert the charging puck in there as well. The puck doesn’t come with the case, though, so just use the one you got with your Apple Watch.

Elago says that this case will work with all generations and sizes of the Apple Watch and at $12.99, it’s really not that expensive for those who still feel nostalgia for the classic iPod.

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