The Boeing 737 Max quickly became a commercial success for the company as airlines across the globe placed thousands of orders for the revamped narrow-body jet. However, two fatal crashes merely five months apart led to the grounding of the aircraft as it became evident that there were issues which needed sorting. The Department of Justice has been conducting a probe into the Boeing 737 Max and according to a new report, that has now been expanded to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been another commercial success for the company with airlines favoring its fuel efficiency and performance. However, the Department of Justice now wants to see if Boeing cut corners during the production of this aircraft as well.

The Seattle Times has reported that the Justice Department has subpoenaed Boeing for production records of the Dreamliner amid allegations of “shoddy work” and corner-cutting during Dreamliner production in South Carolina. The subpoenas have reportedly come from the same DOJ prosecutors who are involved in the 737 Max criminal investigation.

A source told the scribe that the Department of Justice is looking into “broad cultural problems” at the company, one of the world’s largest airplane manufacturers. Boeing hasn’t commented on the report so far and there’s no confirmation from the DOJ as well whether it really has subpoenaed records of the Dreamliner.

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