It seems that with the upcoming Google Pixel 4, the company has adopted a slightly different strategy versus its previous releases. For example, it was back in June that Google kind of confirmed the design of the handset, and just earlier today, Google confirmed some features that we can expect from the phone.

This includes a new Motion Sense feature as well as an upgraded version of Face Unlock. Speaking of Face Unlock, to help get it to work as they intended, it seems that Google has taken to good old fashion street surveys to get it done. In a report from The Verge, Google has confirmed that they have been going around the streets in various American cities where they are paying people $5 to have their faces scanned.

According to Google, they claim that the purpose of these scans was to improve on the algorithms for facial unlocking, where presumably the improved algorithms will help make it more accurate and fast and also be able to recognize a variety of faces of people from different ethnicities.

In a statement made to The Verge in an email, a Google spokesperson said, “Our goal is to build the feature with robust security and performance. We’re also building it with inclusiveness in mind, so as many people as possible can benefit.” The Google Pixel 4 still does not have a launch date yet, but last we heard, it could possibly arrive in October.

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