Microsoft’s Windows platform has come a very long way since its release, and at the moment we are currently on version 10, or Windows 10, if you’d rather. However, recently Microsoft sent out a rather confusing tease in which the company seemed like they might be gearing up for “Windows 1.0”.

This tease was posted across Microsoft’s various social media accounts before it was deleted shortly after, leaving many confused by the post. What could this mean? Could Microsoft be teasing that they plan to relaunch Windows? While this might have been a tweet suited for April Fools, we’re well past that date.

However, it seems that it could be nothing more than just a fun tweet. According to Neowin, they have come up with a theory that suggests that this tweet could simply be Microsoft reacting to the upcoming release of Stranger Things Season 3, which is expected to debut this 4th of July.

This is because Stranger Things Season 3 is set in the summer of 1985, and Windows was first released in 1985, so it could be Microsoft trying to highlight how far along they’ve come. This is not the first time we’ve seen companies hop on board the Stranger Things bandwagon, as Coca-Cola is doing something similar, while LEGO also had an ad that is reminiscent of ads from the 1980s.

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