If you’re in the market for a new MacBook laptop, you might be interested to learn that Apple could have a new 13-inch MacBook Pro in the works. This is thanks to a recent sighting at the FCC in which a mysterious Apple MacBook Pro was spotted. The laptop in question appears to be sporting the model number A2159, which for those unfamiliar, is one of the laptops that was previously leaked.

Now before you get too excited into thinking that this could be the rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro, you might be disappointed to learn that this could be a 13-inch model. This is because according to the FCC filing, this particular laptop uses 20.3V-3A Max, which are the same power specifications as the 13-inch MacBook Pro, meaning that there is a very good chance this could just be a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Less excitingly, there is a chance that this could be the 13-inch MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar. This is because earlier this year, Apple had already refreshed its MacBook Pro with Touch Bar lineups, and the only model missing from the list was the 13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar.

While this might not be particularly exciting news, the upside is that the non-Touch Bar version of the MacBook Pro is cheaper than the other models for those who need the MacBook Pro but don’t want to spend too much.

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