Roku Relay is a new Wi-Fi extender that Roku is making. The entire idea behind this product is to improve the wireless connections inside a home where people rely on Roku for content streaming. This would strive to considerably increase their streaming reliability.

The Verge reports that Roku is currently testing its Wi-Fi extender with users outside the company. Roku is yet to announce the Roku Relay. It’s reportedly a small white device which can plug into a power outlet and rest along the wall. That’s pretty standard Wi-Fi extender behavior.

The product’s instructions show that it’s meant to be used with Roku devices so that their Wi-Fi connection can be improved. It’s not clarified whether other devices can be connected to the Roku Relay as well. So it may just be marketed to customers as an extension of their Roku streaming device, something that they install halfway between their TV and their router.

Even though the hardware is ready for testing, the Roku Relay hasn’t been cleared through by Federal Communications Commission as yet. It can’t launch until the required regulatory approval is obtained. Roku is reportedly still undecided about whether or not it will actually end up selling the Roku Relay.

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